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10 mar 2016

I 2016 have Round Square 50-års jubilæum. Round Square organisationen opfordrer alle der har deltaget i en Round Square konference til at tilmelde sig deres Alumni. Se nedenstående:



Dear Round Square Alumnus, 

We are delighted to welcome you back into the Round Square family in our 50th Anniversary year! To mark our anniversary we aim to really launch our alumni programme off the ground and connect with as many past students of Round Square schools as possible. 

In response to demand, in 2016 we will be developing a programme that will offer new ways to become involved with initiatives across the globe. In order to make these available to you we need you to re-engage with us. We hope this newsletter will offer you all the information you need; 

  • An explanation of how to register for the Round Square Intranet (and what will be on offer for our Alumni)
  • An opportunity to have a say in the design of our Alumni programme and the opportunities and challenges that will be on offer later in the year
  • A request for your story - we want to know what you are doing now and what impact Round Square had on you
  • Information about our research project with Cambridge University
  • Where in the World are you?

We look forward to hearing from you all.
From Emma ( ) and the Worldwide Team 



Register now on the Round Square Intranet 

As a Round Square alumnus you can register to access our intranet site and connect with other alumni from around the network, to share your Round Square story and stay up-to-date with news and find opportunities to get involved.

The intranet will allow you to;

  • Access to our resource library
  • Find information about Round Square events
  • Identify opportunities to continue to support Round Square through the IDEALS
  • Share your Round Square stories from the past and how you implement learning now in everyday life
  • Keep Round Square up to date with your contact details
  • Contact other Round Square alumni

To register please click the link below to complete the web form.

Once your registration has been approved by your school representative you will need to complete your Round Square profile page to keep in contact with both Round Square events and other alumni. 







What would you like from Round Square?

As we grow our alumni database we would like to offer new opportunities to you all. We would love to hear from you to develop ideas and opportunities into the program. Tell us what you would like to be made available to you and we shall see what we can provide. Current ideas being explored are below;

  • Conferences and workshops
  • 'Meet and greets' across the globe 
  • Service projects
  • Volunteering opportunities in your local areas

Are you looking for something academic, social or something completely new? Let us know by contacting



Tell us your stories! What's your achievement?

With the 50th Anniversary of Round Square being celebrated we would love to hear from you and celebrate your achievements.

Since leaving school what have you gone on to achieve? We would like to hear your stories about, the impact Round Square has had on you whilst you were at school through to now in your current work, social and community lives. 

  • How did Round Square influence the next chapter in your life?
  • Have you implemented any of your learning into your everyday life?
  • Do you work in an industry that links to the IDEALS? Or are you able to implement them?
  • Have you been able to support any projects in your local community or social networks in further education?
  • Were you a Kurt Hahn winner in previous years? 

It doesn't matter how great or small your story we would like to hear it. It allows us to see and understand what impact attending a Round Square school has had on you since leaving. Please include- your name, school and year of leaving. 

Send us your stories to or alternatively on the below link- SHARE YOUR STORY. We would love to promote them to our Alumni network and to staff in current schools to show students what they are capable of achieving. If you have any further questions or would like more involvement please feel free to contact Emma. 





Join our Research

Next year we will be partnering with Cambridge University's faulty of Education to conduct research into the impact of Round Square's style of education. Nearer the time we will be asking some of our alumni to take part so please share your story so that we can include you.





World Location

Where are you in the world? For Round Square to be able to host events we need to know where you are located in the world- from there we can plot alumni across the globe. This will also allow us to monitor where certain clusters of alumni are located ie; same country, city or even university or work place. Please send your country, city and your current work or university information through to



Once you have registered don't forget to update your profile page, join our official Alumni LinkedIn Group and share your story to feature on the website.


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